Solutions To All Your Power Connection And Metering Needs

Electricians play a very important role in our lives as they not only connect us to electricity but also ensure that our electrical systems are safe for use. The electrical field is very wide and there are electricians who specialize in different aspects. There are those who focus on large commercial buildings and factories since the electrical work in these places tends to be very complex. These are referred to as commercial electricians.

Residential electricians on the other hand focus on electrical systems in homes. A level 2 electrician is one who connects both commercial and residential premises to the electricity network.

Scope Of Work Of Level 2 Electricians

A level 2 electrician is authorized to carry out certain tasks which enable you to access power in your property. The electrician can install an underground or overhead service line and connect it to the power network. He can repair underground and overhead service lines and disconnect your property from power. He can install both basic and smart meters in large commercial or residential premises. He carries out repairs on cables that have been damaged by ultra violet radiation from the sun.

If you do not have sufficient power supply, the electrician can upgrade your power from single phase to three phase. He can also upgrade electrical machinery and equipment to access three phase power.

Installation Activities

There are several installation activities which are carried out by level 2 electricians. They install and remove all types of meters and metering equipment from commercial and residential properties. If you need an off peak meter, the electrician will install it together with a time switch if need be. They carry out upgrades of meters by replacing a basic meter with a smart meter or by upgrading a single phase meter to a three phase meter. They can also replace old fuses and install meters for solar panels.

Installation And Repair Of Service Lines

A level 2 electrician can install overhead and underground service lines. He has to install the poles and link the power lines from one pole to the next and onto the building. He is required to work from high above the ground and he can get to the required height by use of a bucket that is installed on a truck. He may need to use both power and hand tools when carrying out this work.

Installation of underground service lines will require the digging of trenches in order to lay the service lines. Underground pillars may also need to be installed.

Connection And Disconnection

The electrician can connect or disconnect a customer’s mains or the overhead service line to or from the overhead point of supply. He can also connect or disconnect the customer’s mains or the underground service line to or from the underground point of supply.

The electrician can relocate a service line from one point to another. He would therefore first have to disconnect the power supply, relocate the service line and then reconnect the mains to the power supply. Relocation of a service line can be done when a customer needs to move to a new location but wants to maintain the account that they have with the electricity supplier.